Monday, August 15, 2005

Sleepy Baird's Sandpipers

This morning I checked a few local shorebird haunts and found some very sleepy BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS looking for a comfortable resting spot. While I was sifting through 50+ KILLDEER through my spotting scope, I was amazed how camouflaged the little peeps were against the gravel. These birds probably flew most of the night and chose this location to take a snooze. As I type this blog entry, it's the evening and I wonder where the four of them are right now...

This one was looking for a good spot.

But first, a little preening.


Then these two came in from the left.

Same deal...crash!

Link: All about the Baird's Sandpiper from Cornell Labs

Baird's Sandpiper images © 2005 Michael Allen McDowell

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