Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Operation Migration!

© Joe Duff

Yesterday I received an email from Operation Migration that they are short $100,000 for the "Class of 2006" Whooping Crane migration effort. If you're not familiar with what Operation Migration is all about, you can learn more at their website:

You can donate on-line via PayPal here:

Yes - I want to help the Whooping Cranes!

Or you can donate by calling: (800) 675-2618

The Necedah Whooping Crane population is up to 60 birds (since 2001). Each Whooping Crane represents an investment of about $100,000 - almost entirely paid for through donations. No donation amount is too small - every dollar goes to helping save these beautiful birds. I sincerely hope you'll consider participating in a program that I feel is making a difference for a species we almost wiped out.

Video Link: Nat. Geo reporter flies with the Whoopers

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