Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alaskan bird wins national award

"Sometimes an animal can make a big difference in a human's life. CBS 11 News was introduced to Owly, an Alaskan bird who won a national award and the woman who's stuck by him for many years. Owly is a very special Alaskan bird. 'You're beautiful, you're showing your wings. Isn't that nice,' said Barbara Doak of the Bird TLC. But keeper, Barbara Doak, remembers when Owly was not so beautiful. When he first came to the Bird TLC clinic, he'd had a run-in with a fishing boat on St. Paul Island that left him partially blind and partially paralyzed. In fact, it took a team of three just to hold him down and help him eat."

Link: The entire uplifting story from KTVA 11

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