Thursday, March 03, 2011

Early March Migrants

Though I've observed American Robins all winter at Pheasant Branch Conservancy, this morning I spotted one in the courtyard outside my apartment. It seemed not to miss a spot where it might discover a juicy earthworm as it foraged in the small grass islands surrounded by snow. We needn't worry for robins if we're slammed with another blizzard as they eat fruits and berries when open ground is unavailable.

At work we're beginning to see Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles coming to our feeders. I've also heard reports of Sandhill Cranes returning to Wisconsin. Many of the birds that return in early March are short-distance migrants. While some robins do not migrate at all, the majority of those that over-winter in southern Wisconsin breed further to our north. Winds are favorable for migration. I just checked NexRad and birds to our south and southeast are on the move tonight!

American Robin © 2011 Mike McDowell

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  1. Nice capture!

    Kah Wai