Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boreal Birds at Risk - Report

Look a Palm Warbler in the eye and tell it "My species is more important than yours!" Come on, I dare you! The health and integrity of Canada's boreal forest is critical to the survival of hundreds of bird species. Ninety-eight percent of the global range for the Palm Warbler lies within the boreal. As its habitat is diminished, fragmented, and destroyed, birds can't simply go someplace else. Instead, they'll just perish. This comprehensive report shows just how critical the boreal is to birds that are at risk from the pressures of industrial development. Please take time to read it and then support those organizations that want to change conservation objectives in order to protect all the amazing wildlife the depends on the boreal forest for survival.

Link: Boreal Birds at Risk

Palm Warbler © 2011 Mike McDowell

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