Monday, August 20, 2012

Vortex Razor HD 8x42

On Saturday I birded with the new Vortex Razor HD 8x42. What a spectacular binocular! The features I was most impressed with are its comfortable ergonomics, light weight (only 24.7 ounces), exceptional resolution, and super smooth focusing. Maybe you don't have $2,500.00 to spend on the best new European alpha-class binoculars, but how about $1,200.00? To be sure, this is still a serious chunk of money. But the Razor HD 8x42 priced at $1,179.99 delivers optical performance that compares very favorably to binoculars costing twice as much. Oh, I know what you're thinking. You may be skeptical I'm able to provide an unbiased opinion because of where I'm employed. Well, that may be true, but there are some glowing comments out there from a few independent optics reviewers who are just as thrilled with the new Razor HD binocular as I am!

Vortex Razor HD reviews:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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