Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 Years!

I created this blog on February 23rd, 2005. I had no idea at the time it would last so long. I haven't been doing much digiscoping this month, but things should start to pick up in March as spring migration gets underway. Some birders in southern Wisconsin have already sighted returning Sandhill Cranes. Birdsong is picking up, too. House Finches, American Tree Sparrows, and Northern Cardinals are all taking part in late winter's morning chorus. Through January and February I typically only go birding once a week, but sometime next month I'll begin my daily visits to Pheasant Branch Conservancy to see the early migrants.

American Tree Sparrow

All images © 2013 Mike McDowell


  1. Congratulation and happy anniversary.

  2. Congratulations, Mike. I know there have been some rough times, but we're fortunate you decided not to let the jerks grind you down! Here's to 8 more years!

  3. Thanks!

    The jerk factor is much easier to deal with on Facebook (just block them), which is why I don't use my blog for espousing my political views as much as I used to, even though it wasn't very often in the first place. Facebook is a better platform to do that sort of thing, anyway. I turned off anonymous comments here sometime last year, too, which also keeps the troll activity down. For now, blogging still has its place, but it's less relevant today. At some point I can see publishing my work and content exclusively on Facebook and ditching the blog.

    Mike M.

  4. Woof woof... congrats on 56 dog years of blogging!
    (...have to say though that I think Facebook has AT LEAST as many problems/issues/concerns as blogging, just different sorts).

  5. Happy "birthday" Mike. Keep blogging

  6. Congrats on your 8th anniversary!!