Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Brother & Sister Birders!

Finally! A member of my family got bit by the birding bug! I'm very proud that my little sister has become interested in birding, nature photography, and hiking the great outdoors. Though birding doesn't always render in one a sense of Aldo Leopold's land ethic, Kathy has quickly come to appreciate how direct contact with Nature is an essential part of life's journey.

Our older brother was an avid amateur entomologist for most of his life, but passed away twenty years ago. Tony and I use to explore the woods and streams of Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park when we were kids, collecting everything from hellgrammites and orb weavers to silk moths and stag beetles.

There were other memorable nature adventures at our uncle's farm in Wood County as well as insect excursions near Hayward. I remember taking my brother to Pheasant Branch Conservancy one time in the early 1990s, but he never got to see how Nature became such an important part of my life's ambition. For this reason, words cannot convey how utterly thrilled I am to have Kathy with me on the trails and also as a kindred spirit.

All images © 2017 Gail Wirch

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  1. Congrats!! I hope that one day the same happens in my family......I still wait though:)