Friday, March 18, 2005

Meek Road Great Gray Owl Banded

The Meek Road Great Gray Owl was recently banded by Dennis Haessly and Richard Smallwood-Roberts. Kris Kesselhon was also on hand (seen holding owl below).

Richard writes: "More than likely male, wing chord (unflattened) of 410mm, tail 270mm and very abraded, three generations of primaries - some very old, several with fault bars, 1.5 years old, or in banding terms a Third Year bird (TY) (spring/summer of 2003)

2003 = HY (1st Year)
January 1st, 2004 = SY (he did a partial molt of flight feathers in 2004)
January 1st, 2005 = TY

The owl is very healthy and has been eating well (MAPS scale 3 for fat, not bad), including the snack I gave him afterwards which he gulped down in about a minute."

Here are some photographs of owl taken during the banding process:

Above images © 2005 Richard Smallwood-Roberts.

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