Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Backyard White-throated Sparrows!

I just love the zonotrichia sparrows! While I’ve seen WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS around Dane County in recent weeks, it always seems to take a little longer before they begin to trickle to my backyard platform feeders. I checked them right away (I always do) when I got home from work this evening and welcomed half a dozen White-throated Sparrows. So I put out some fresh birdseed for them...and did they eat!

Last year I had several dozen of these birds foraging in my backyard, and was also graced with a HARRIS’S SPARROW. I like…I guess I should say that the sparrows seem to like Premium Blend and Choice Blend from Wild Birds Unlimited. All kinds of nutritional goodies to help support a migrating sparrow!

A few days ago I mentioned the ammodramus sparrows being my favorite, well…I guess I have a strong affinity for all sparrows – I just adore them and their antics. I’ve designated an entire section just for sparrows in my digiscoping gallery.

Link: All about White-throated Sparrow from Cornell Labs

White-throated Sparrow image © 2005 Michael Allen McDowell

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