Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cooper's Hawk and Feeder Politics

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This COOPER'S HAWK was perched on the platform feeder in our backyard this afternoon. The BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES were frantically scolding the hawk from our maple tree. Several HOUSE FINCHES were smart by keeping their distance. From inside the garage where I was digiscoping, I couldn't see them but they were flying around vocalizing. Other "regular" backyard birds were nowhere to be found. Finally, to put an end to the feeder standoff, a lone Gray Squirrel ran up behind the hawk with a cheap shot in the back sending the bird up into the spruce trees. In an anthropomorphic way I would like to tell this plucky hawk that the strategy it is employing isn't a very effective one. I mean, how optimistic can a bird get?

Link: All about the Cooper's Hawk from Cornell Labs

Cooper's Hawk images © 2005 Michael Allen McDowell

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