Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jason Starfire

The digiscoping and birding community is saddened at the tragic and unexpected loss of Jason Starfire, digiscoper and birder extraordinaire. Jason was recently hired by Nikon as their North American avian equipment representative traveling around the country promoting Nikon products at birding festivals and trade shows. Jason was 24 years old.

Link: Article about Jason Starfire’s birding career.

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  1. How devastated I was to learn that my own travels had taken me so far from someone I cared for deeply for a time in my life that I have only now learned of his passing, 3+ years after. Jason had a passion for many things and I am a different person having known him. He traveled with me through an interesting time in my own life. He is a a treasure to me and has made an indelible mark on my walk in this life.