Sunday, August 28, 2005

Monitoring Bird Migration via NEXRAD

It's 5:00AM and I've just checked NEXRAD to see how much bird migration has occurred through the night. The image above shows NEXRAD Base Reflectivity from the La Crosse station from just a few minutes ago. Once again there is moderate migration so I'll probably check Governor Nelson State Park or Pheasant Branch Conservancy later this morning to see what has come in.

To use this NEXRAD website, select the "0.5d reflectivity" under product and then select a NEXRAD station from the US map. Under "Loop duration" you can animate the progression of migration throughout the night, or over several hours. When looking at the National NEXRAD map you can view the extent of migration throughout the entire country.

For a great primer on how bird migration and NEXRAD work, check out John Idzikowski's "Bird Migration and Movements on NEXRAD Doppler Radar From Wisconsin and the Western Great Lakes" website.

Link: Using Doppler Radar to Save Songbirds

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