Thursday, September 29, 2005

A good camera for digiscoping?

Hey! Check out the Fuji FinePix E9009 megapixel digital camera. Though I haven’t field-tested it myself, nor have I seen any digiscoping results taken with it yet, it possesses many promising features for digiscoping. Using the optional accessory adapter (#AR-FXE02) brings it to a 43mm filter thread. This thread size is supported with the Swarovski DCA for zoom and fixed as well as the Kowa Digital Camera adapter with the 43mm adapter ring.

  • 4x optical zoom.
  • Accessory adapter (#AR-FXE02) to bring it to a 43mm filter thread.
  • 2” LCD Screen.
  • Aperture Priority.


  • No cable release.
Link: Digital Photography Review of the Fuji FinePix E900

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