Thursday, October 13, 2005

Latest Bird News

Latest Bird News...

Plovers Flock Together - Births Increase

Coal Oil Point Reserve welcomed a record number of new snowy plover chicks this year, and the newborns are being heralded as a sign that the local population of the endangered birds is soaring.

Link: Full article from Daily Nexus

A Wing and a Scare

For generations, the graceful, fast-flying birds have been a favorite target of Minnesota duck hunters. But in recent years, bluebills have suffered a worrisome and largely unexplained decline in population, as have many other Minnesota duck species. In the last year alone, according to DNR counts, the number of breeding ducks in Minnesota declined by about 30 percent.

Link: Full article from CityPages

Speckles Make Bird Eggs Stronger, Study Finds

For more than a hundred years scientists and birders have engaged in a heated debate over a seemingly harmless question: Why are birds' eggs speckled?

Link: Full article from National Geographic

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