Saturday, July 29, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Temperatures are presently super uncomfortable around the state of Wisconsin and indeed, pretty much the rest of the country. Here in Dane County we're expecting highs (with heat index) to be in the 100's through Tuesday. During such times it's doubly important to remember our backyard feathered friends.

If you have a bird bath, remember to change the water frequently. I try to change the water of our two bird baths twice each day, morning and early evening. Every other week I'll clean our bird baths by scrubbing them using a ten parts water to one part bleach solution, rinse well and thoroughly dry before replacing fresh water into the bath. Our summer residents - robins, jays, catbirds and finches are grateful for fresh, cool, life-saving water during such heat spells.

Also, don't forget your bird feeders! The combination of high temperatures, damp conditions and bird droppings can cause mold to grow in feeders and fallen seeds on the ground, which may lead to salmonella contamination. Birds that eat contaminated seeds are likely to become ill and subsequently die. Again, be diligent and closely inspect your bird feeders on a daily basis and keep them clean for the health of your backyard birds!

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American Robin image © 2006 Mike McDowell

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