Thursday, September 21, 2006

Off to Jaeger Country...


I'll be on my way to Superior/Wisconsin Point later this afternoon and won't return until late Sunday. Tom Prestby posted a field trip preview to the Wisconsin Birding Network last night and if we can stay dry (rain is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday), it should be a great time as it has been each year I've gone on this field trip. The following birds have been reported from Duluth/Superior the last few days by Minnesota and Wisconsin birders on MOU net:
  • A total of 6 or more jaegers including a Pomarine and a couple Parasitics
  • Sabine's Gull
  • Arctic Tern
  • 3-4 Little Gulls
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull
The WSO Wisconsin Point field trip is one of the birding highlights of the year. Still, I don't know which is more fun...looking for/observing rare birds or listening to the ID debates!

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