Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fox Sparrow and a Surprise!

I am so humbled. This evening I was reviewing some video I had taken a few days ago and discovered a surprise. Recall I mentioned having an American Woodcock in our backyard? Well, that same day I shot video of a kick-scratching Fox Sparrow through my scope and Coolpix camera. But take a look at what is revealed as I pan to follow the sparrow as it moves out of the frame:

Oh, the beautiful portraiture of an American Woodcock I might have captured had I only noticed it at the time. When will such an opportunity ever present itself again? I must have thought it a clump of leaves or dirt. Still, it's far more fun I didn't notice! Birds rule. It wasn't until later in the afternoon when inadvertently flushing the woodcock I became aware of it, not knowing I had already documented its presence hours earlier.

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