Saturday, March 03, 2007

Trapped for a few hours...

Every day before sunrise I check/prepare our feeders and put out fresh water for the birds and this morning's efforts were typical of recent days. Once again, because of drifting snow overnight, I had to shovel a path to the feeders. It takes a few trips to and from the garage to replenish all the feeders and just as I'm finishing up the cardinals usually begin to sing, doves perch in our maple tree and a few juncos begin foraging on the patio. The whole time I generally leave the door from the patio to the garage open and I think that's how my little visitor got trapped this morning.

A few hours later, I went back into the garage to fetch more safflower to set out when a bird flew from around my car and perched. I slowly went over to it and noticed it was an American Tree Sparrow. It was in fine shape and there was no reason to stress it by trying to catch it, but I quickly fetched my point-and-shoot just to snap a "documentation" photo of the bird perched on my weed-whacker! Right after I took the picture, I opened up the door, pointed, whistled, and out it flew to freedom. For the sparrow's health and fortune, I'm not always tidy with birdseed and there was plenty to pick at on the garage floor.

I do much better, photographically speaking, when the birds are doing their regular thing:

American Tree Sparrow images © 2007 Mike McDowell

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