Thursday, December 06, 2007

Window Frost

Egads! It's a frigid -9 degrees F. outside this morning and our windows are covered in complex frost patterns. This is a bit too cold for me, but not for the birds. Dark-eyed Juncos are among the first birds to come to our feeders, preceded by Northern Cardinals and Mourning Doves. The doves don't come down from the trees right away to the safflower I have spread out on the patio, but seem to wait until there is greater safety in numbers.

There are Cooper's Hawks in the area; no doubt just as hungry for a breakfast. Pretty soon, the juncos, cardinals and doves will be in the company of nuthatches, chickadees, jays and a variety of woodpeckers. Should a Cooper's Hawk be glimpsed by any member of the hoard, there will be a great woosh sound as all the birds simultaneously flush and head for the cover of the trees. The juncos are pretty clever, though. They'll often dive for cover underneath our deck where the hawk can't get to them. But the Cooper's is pretty clever, too, and will patiently wait perched in our maple.


On my way work, I spotted a Northern Shrike perched in a tree along Pheasant Branch Road.

All images © 2007 Mike McDowell

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