Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello April!

I haven't birded since Saturday and have no updates, news or photographs to share for this first day of April. Plus, it's been overcast and rainy – very unsatisfactory for my type of photography. Still, because this has been such a hard winter, I wanted to post something to celebrate the passing of March. In that spirit, here's a series re-posted from my digiscoping gallery of a Yellow-rumped Warbler bathing in the stream at Pheasant Branch Conservancy / April 2004. These spritely birds will soon return to the stream corridor – by the hundreds and thousands – and that's something worthy of celebration.

There are multiple reasons I photograph birds, and near the top is a notion of reliving certain experiences and memories. That's so obvious, though, and no doubt why photography of any kind is such a popular pastime. This Yellow-rumped Warlber series is one such memory I recall with great fondness and awe. Surrounded by warblers, their cheery songs emanated from the treetops and the understory. Then, as if on que, bunches of warblers descended onto the stream to bathe. I sat there on the edge of the bank, as warbler after warbler perched on branches directly in front of me before heading down to the water.

All images © 2008 Mike McDowell

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