Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clean Gray Nape

I do so enjoy a successful digiscoping outing. After becoming a little discouraged over a failed round with Lincoln's Sparrows, a different sparrow I've been longing to get a better photograph of suddenly popped up in plain view and good lighting. I find the non-breeding plumage of the Clay-colored Sparrow to be super attractive, especially where warmer buffy tones contrast with the gray nape - such a smart looking bird in its fall attire. If it survives its long journey south, this little bird will find itself in southern Texas or Mexico where it will spend the winter.

Clay-colored Sparrow:

From a distance I watched another nature photographer walk off the trail and approach one of the retention ponds that was hosting several dozen ducks. He got closer, closer, finally too close, and wooosh! Later on in the morning we passed each another on the trail. I decided to strike up a conversation...

Me: "What was on the pond?"
Him: "Some ducks."
Me: "Oh yeah? What kind?"
Him: "A few different ones, but I'm not sure what kind."
Me: "I saw them fly. What happened?"
Him: "I guess I scared them away."
Me: "Uh oh!"

He turned around, went back to his car and left. Gosh, I hope I didn't scare him away!

Sandhill Cranes

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