Monday, July 06, 2009

eBird Tip

Let's say you want to find out if a certain species of bird has been reported in a particular area, perhaps all the locations within a county. There's a way in eBird to do just exactly that. For this example we'll search for Savannah Sparrow in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Once you're on eBird, follow these steps:

1. View and Explore Data.
2. Maps.
3. Select Species and Continue (type 'savannah sparrow').
4. Change Location.
5. Select a region (Wisconsin).
6. Select a sub-region (Counties in Wisconsin).
7. Select "Dane" and Continue.
8. Wait for markers to load...

Presto! Now you can zoom in or out on the map and find out where other eBirders have reported Savannah Sparrow.

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