Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Life

New life! So Daring! So precious! You're doing well.
You listened carefully and avoided every danger,
but soon you'll face an even greater challenge;
an ultimate test of your new life; an incredible journey.

You'll experience fear, but don't worry.
Your tribe will be with you,
and will help you in whatever way they're able.
But you must still be courageous and strong.
It will seem as if the entire world is out to get you;
an unrelenting force determined to end your new life.

Our hills will be covered with frost, then snow.
Trees will be bare, but not our hearts.
I'll wonder how you're doing from time to time.
I'll look often at your pictures,
because there will be no link outside a hope.
Then after many sunrises and sunsets,
on first warm days of spring, I'll listen for your voice
marking a jubilant return and promise of new life.

© 2009 Mike McDowell

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