Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More about DSLR Digiscoping

Someone we need to see more digiscoping from is my co-worker Ben Lizdas of 600 birds blog. He's made a few changes to his digiscoping rig since last time I blogged about him, upgrading from the Leica Televid 77 APO to the new Leica Televid 82 APO. This gorgeous photo of a Bald Eagle was digiscoped by Ben with his new setup the last time he went to Homer, Alaska:

Ben's a fan of Swarovski's DCA and discovered that the outer tube fits nicely over the new Leica 25-50x zoom eyepiece. To learn more about Ben's digiscoping style and technique, read his recent blog article on the advantages of digiscoping using a DSLR, a configuration I've not used.

Leica scope image © 2009 Mike McDowell


  1. One day I will have my wife open her purse and venture to DSLR Digiscoping land.

    Ben great work that is a wonderful capture!

  2. Cool! I was told by the lady at my local optics place I couldn't use my dslr with a scope. Guess I should have looked around more!