Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pick the Badger!

Pick the Badger! Wisconsin is the Badger State, after all. The Endangered Resources Program will introduce a new, second license plate that will be available for purchase in addition to the original wolf plate. It's my personal favorite because it shows a bird, a mammal, an insect, and wildflowers. Well, it helps that one of my digiscoped meadowlark photographs appears on it. The Eastern Bluebird design is also lovely and would be my second choice. Actually, they're all pretty darn good!


Link: Vote for the new plate design!

Western Meadowlark © 2009 Mike McDowell


  1. Congrats on the photo!!!!....wonder how many Badgers there are left in the State? I haven't seen one in years, useless DNR probably has no idea either!

  2. It's incredibly easy to complain about a state agency that is spread thin and strapped for funds. They do not have the staff nor money to conduct population surveys on every single species of plant, mammal, bird, fish, insect -- they have to pick and choose and that decision is frequently contingent upon popular interest and donation of grant/funding to study specific species.

    From what I have seen there are badgers living in the northern more sandy portions of the state.

    --Former useless DNR Biologist and current useless Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist.

    p.s. Mike, proud of your photo in the new plate!

  3. Oh that is just lovely! Congratulations1

  4. Hi Mike-

    This is a great idea and I'm happy that you had a part in it. Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity to voice our choice for the next ER license plate! Love your Meadowlark!!

  5. Congrats Mike...and long live the Badgers! ;)