Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Badger Won!

Naturally, the Badger design won by a landslide:
  • Badger: 6,167 votes for 68%
  • Great blue heron: 2,890 votes for 12%
  • Eastern bluebird: 2,846 votes for 12%
  • Red-headed woodpecker: 1,905 votes for 8%
So, a Western Meadowlark I digiscoped in Nebraska will appear (upper right) on the new Wisconsin Endangered Resources license plate!


  1. I thought the badger won a while ago.

    In any case, I suppose the question is: is that subspecies of western meadowlark found in Wisconsin? Haha...

  2. (Because I live under a rock, don't you know)

  3. I wonder if the badger photo was taken in Wisconsin. I don't think it's at all common to see a badger.

  4. Congrats, Mike! (also nice to see the oak savanna as the endangered landscape choice!)

  5. Congratulations, Mike, on your little corner of fame.