Friday, April 09, 2010

Close-up Horned Lark!

Last week when I was digiscoping an Eastern Meadowlark, I happened to spot this Horned Lark foraging along a nearby bike trail. A few people who saw this photograph before I published it asked if the bird was stunned or injured because of the way it's sitting. I'm happy to report the bird was perfectly fine. Horned Larks typically walk while they forage, but will sometimes sit in a single spot for several minutes if they happen upon a bonanza. Over the course of 30 minutes, this bird covered about a 25 foot stretch along the trail. When it had apparently eaten its fill of whatever it was finding, it took wing to the north, disappearing into the sky.

© 2010 Mike McDowell


  1. Another great pic from the Master...what do these birds eat anyway..all winter they hang about the gravel on the sides of bare snow-covered fields..eakking out a living...also, I saw a large(16-18" ????) shorebird today all alone in a barren 6" deep grass puddle next to a goose pond..wasn't a green heron, slightly smaller and lighter colored...never saw a shorebird this big..didn't get a great look...Hudsonian Godwit is about the closest thing in the book...any ideas???

  2. Horned Larks like to forage along roadsides for waste grain or grass seed, but also eat insects.

    No idea on your shorebird!

    Mike M.

  3. I think the shorebird was a brother said "positive ID"...also today(Sat), the day the Polish President and wife was killed in a jet crash, I was driving through "Poland" a small unincorporated town East of Green Bay..and here 20 feet over my truck was flying a Golden Eagle , in flew into a large Cottonwood and started preening..only the 2nd one I've seen in the Midwest...weird.