Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Field Trip of 2010!

American Tree Sparrow

Saturday, October 30th @ 7:15AM

The focus of my final Madison Audubon field trip for 2010 will be sparrows, including White-crowned, White-throated, Fox, American Tree, and others. We'll also see if we can find a Northern Shrike (there was one at this location a week ago). There may still be a few late warblers and thrushes, like Yellow-rumped Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler, and Hermit Thrush. Meet at the Dane County Unit of Pheasant Branch Conservancy, about 1.5 miles north of Century Avenue in Middleton on Pheasant Branch Road. This is the third parking lot for the conservancy on the right as you drive north out of Middleton. See "Parking for Prairie Parcel" on this map.


Location: Pheasant Branch
Observation date: 10/30/10
Number of species: 30

Canada Goose 50
Mallard 25
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Sandhill Crane 50
Ring-billed Gull 500
Rock Pigeon 4
Mourning Dove 1
Downy Woodpecker 1
Blue Jay 3
American Crow 6
Horned Lark 8
Black-capped Chickadee 3
White-breasted Nuthatch 1
Golden-crowned Kinglet 3
American Robin 12
Gray Catbird 1
European Starling 8
American Pipit 4
American Tree Sparrow 10
Fox Sparrow (Red) 20
Song Sparrow 4
Swamp Sparrow 3
White-throated Sparrow 4
White-crowned Sparrow 3
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored) 10
Lapland Longspur 8
Northern Cardinal 6
Red-winged Blackbird 50
House Finch 12
American Goldfinch 50

American Tree Sparrow © Mike McDowell

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