Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vortex PS-100 P&S Attachment

I recently addressed the problem of today's point & shoot digital cameras and popular DCA style digiscoping adapters. Because newer point & shoot digital camera models typically lack any kind of filter thread, they won't connect to a DCA. The Vortex Point & Shoot Attachment (PS-100) should eliminate this problem.

A type of platform adapter, the PS-100 will give just about any point & shoot digital camera a filter thread so it can be used with any of the various DCA adapters on the market. It's super easy to configure - the small platform attaches to the camera via the camera's tripod thread and the adjustable sight is centered with the camera's lens. This attachment will work with the Vortex Razor DCA, Swarovski DCA, and both Kowa DCA adapters (DA10 and DA1).

Note: The PS-100's thread size is 37mm.

Link: Vortex Point & Shoot Attachment


  1. Dear Mike
    There is some info on the web that the P6000 needs additional adaptation to get proper results with Swaro DCA and / or this new Vortex device. Do you know what is the problem with the P6000 in combination with these adapters. I ask this since I am considering grading up form my Kowa 663 to waro 80HD and already have the P6000

  2. Hi Sjerp,

    You can use either the Nikon UR-E21 accessory adapter or the Vortex PS-100.


    Mike M.

  3. Dear Mike
    The URE-21 does not work with Swaro DCA; the lens hits the 43mm plate. A third party tube adapter with 52mm does work but limits the focal range of the camera due to vignetting in the lower range. Managed to lay my hands on a PS100 with 52mm frontplate. A bit more difficult to get the camera centered properly, but once set it makes a perfect fit and allows for the full range of focal lengths. Much more to my liking than the Swaro UCA. Thanks for for posting the info.
    Regards, Sjerp

  4. Hi Sjerp,

    Actually, I knew that. See this post:

    Thanks for the reminder, though!

    Mike M.