Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's March!

A Dark-eyed Junco prepares to sing!

Spring no longer seems like some unattainable time and place opposite months of snow and cold. Spring's sights, sounds, and smells render sensory reminiscence. Melting snow releases remnants of decay and emergent growth; it's a distinct olfactory sensation that feels like time travel to me. By what ever biological processes are at work, birds have taken notice to the changing season, too. Pheasant Branch Conservancy is presently filled with their songs. Most members of the forest choir are House Finches, American Tree Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, and Dark-eyed Juncos, but I've also heard the cheerful phrases of American Robins. Junco flocks begin to increase in size as winter fades. Their repertoire of trilly songs is a precursor to their journey north, but I'll continue to enjoy their company for another month or so. As their departure grows closer, their songs reach a climactic volume that's even a little humorous. It's nice to get a little chuckle out of their antics despite the fact they'll be preparing to leave.

Dark-eyed Junco © 2011 Mike McDowell

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