Thursday, April 12, 2012


Whenever I'm out birding I tend to notice a bird on territory that sings from the same perches day after day. I usually don't carry my digiscoping rig when I go birding, but eventually such a bird becomes too inviting to pass up. I've been watching a particular Eastern Meadowlark for the past few weeks along Deming Way near the confluence ponds. After studying bird's routine, I became familiar with its singing schedule and perch selection. He spends much of his time walking and foraging through the grassy field, occasionally breaking for a brief song. After several minutes of this, he'll fly up to a nearby post or tree and sing with more enthusiasm and longer duration. He'll then move to a few other high perches, sing, and then return to the grass again. This goes on all morning long. At the same time the bird is doing his thing, I check for natural blinds to hide behind and how the angles will be for lighting. So, one sunny morning, when the light was just right and winds were calm, I went after a portrait of my meadowlark.

All images © 2012 Mike McDowell


  1. Wow - I can hear him singing!

  2. Just perfect. Love this pictures because tehy are not just a portraits. They really tell me something about this species(which I most likely will never meet in real life; but here I did) Thank you for sharing, Sjerp

  3. Great narrative and pic, Mike!