Saturday, April 07, 2012

A visit to Baxter's Hollow

Otter Creek at Baxter's Hollow

After birding a few hours at Pheasant Branch Conservancy yesterday morning, I made a stop at Barrqiues for some coffee and to eBird my observations before heading up Baxter's Hollow. I spent the remainder of my day exploring the flora and fauna along Otter Creek. I was hoping to hear the piercing songs of Louisiana Waterthrushes, but no luck. Bird-wise, it was fairly quiet. In fact, I saw only three individual birds the entire time I was there: an American Robin, a fly-over Turkey Vulture, and a fairly cooperative Winter Wren.

A lovely Winter Wren

My primary objective for visiting Baxter's was to photograph spring wildflowers. There are some real treasures right along Otter Creek. I found Round-lobed Hepatica, Marsh Marigolds, Spring Beauty, and Bloodroot.

Round-lobed Hepatica

Marsh Marigold

Spring Beauty


It's been my experience that Winter Wrens are one of the most difficult birds to photograph. In one way digiscoping places the photographer at a greater disadvantage due to ultra-high magnification and trying to zero-in on such a small rapidly moving subject that blends in with the background. This little guy was pretty accommodating, though. He only briefly sang but spent most of his time foraging through a large pile of logs, occasionally popping up on a higher perch to survey his domain. This time I was in the right place at the right time!

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  1. Lovely spring, lovely flowers, lovely birds, that winter wren !! Great captures. Thanks for sharing, Sjerp