Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Links!

Are you a Wisconsin birder and on Facebook? The Wisconsin Birding Facebook page now has over 550 members and continues to grow! The group is a great place to report your bird sightings as well as find out what birds others are seeing around the state. Have a photograph of a bird you're unable to identify? No problem! Many of Wisconsin's best expert birders are members of the group and can provide you with immediate assistance in making correct identification. We also have birding news, birding maps, quizzes, and occasionally organize events. Everyone is welcome to join! Well, almost everyone!

I also recently installed the BirdTrax Google Gadget script on my website that displays Wisconsin rarities reported to eBird. Google gadgets can be installed on iGoogle or on a blog or website. Sadly, iGoogle will be going away sometime next year, so if you want a convenient way of viewing this particular WI eBird data, I intend to keep this link active indefinitely.

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