Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Time

I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion this evening on Wisconsin Public Radio and heard Joyce Sutphen recite her poem Next Time. It has some pleasant sentiments, but why wait until next time? What's the matter with this time? Perhaps I've missed the point or maybe this poem is meant for a different audience. But in a way, I believe this is one of the most perfect poems I've ever heard. After work today I went to Owen Conservation Park where I knew all the names of the birds. I wasn't really birding, though, I was admiring and photographing the dramatic fall colors. It was such a pleasant and healthy way to spend a couple of hours. So, maybe I'm giving this poem that I didn't write to you. Maybe it will give you hope or serve as a catalyst to escape the paralysis of modern life that grips so many and seldom ever lets go. Anyway, I've been to Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was incredible, but it doesn't have anything on the canopy Nature renders this time of year. Here is my church ... its only tenet is impermanence.

Hermit Thrush

All images © 2014 Mike McDowell

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