Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Open Birding!

Beginning this season and moving forward, here’s how I intend to handle field trips. Any asterisked entry (or otherwise indicated) in the list will not be considered as such (i.e. a field trip) or be affiliated with a particular group; they will simply be “open birding” dates. Most of my birding friends and acquaintances know I traditionally spend a good share of my Pheasant Branch time with Sylvia Marek and Dottie Johnson. During migration, it isn’t uncommon for other birders to join us, and they are welcome to do so. For open birding, I’m defining these particular outings as ones that will be welcoming to the general public. There is no charge and I only have a few guidelines for guests to follow.

Your end of the deal:
  • Please keep talking to a minimum (questions are welcome).
  • Please do not walk ahead of me.
  • No pets, please.

My end of the deal:
  • I will identify every single bird I see or hear and help everyone in the group to get on it.
  • I will bird for at least an hour, but most outings will be closer to two hours.
  • I will bird rain or shine, but not when there is lightning.

Event Dates (* = Open Birding):

08/29 @ 7:00am: Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Creek Corridor *
09/12 @ 7:00am  Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Creek Corridor *
09/19 @ 7:00am: Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Prairie Parcel *
09/27 @ 7:30am: Pope Farm Conservancy 
10/04 @ 7:15am: Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Prairie Parcel *
10/25 @ 7:30am: Pheasant Branch Conservancy - Prairie Parcel *

Link: Birding Map of Pheasant Branch Conservancy

© 2015 Mike McDowell

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