Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bird News from around the World

Latest Bird News...

Robins, not crows, may spread West Nile

HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) -- The beloved American robin, not the annoying, raucous crow, may be the more potent source for West Nile virus, according to new research.

Link: Full Story from CNN

Courting bird sings like a cricket

A bird that lives in the Ecuadorian rain forest attracts mates by striking its wing feathers together behind its back, researchers say.

Link: Full Story from Nature

Praying Mantis Makes Meal of a Hummer

Check out these photographs of a Praying Mantis capturing and eating a hummingbird!

Link: Full Story from Birdwatchers Digest

'Penguins' march defies summer box office trend

At summer film box offices plagued by slow ticket sales, the hottest documentary this year is about a very cold topic: Emperor Penguins in Antarctica.

Link: Full Story from Yahoo News

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