Complete gear with Nikon FT-1

Here's my updated current digiscoping rig showing the Nikon FT-1 mount with a Nikon F-mount T-ring, instead of using only a generic Nikon 1 T-ring. As a digiscoper of nearly 12 years, and in all matters pertinent to the craft, this is the best photography equipment I have ever used for bird portraiture. I'm super pleased with the function as well as the results I'm getting. At this juncture, I'm not sure I'll bother buying the 18.5mm lens when it becomes available next week. I'll wait and see what other digiscopers say about it before I make a final decision.

If you were to purchase all of these components right now (10/22/2012), you're looking at around $5,500.00 for the complete package. The price of the Nikon 1 V1 varies from store to store. However, most places have it for under $500.00 (I paid $750.00 for it in April), but you may want to wait for the Nikon 1 V2.

© 2012 Mike McDowell