Snowy Owls!

Waunakee Snowy Owl - December 2011

By now most of you are aware Snowy Owls are on the move. There are even a few places in Wisconsin where multiple snowies are being observed. As stated on Cornell's All About Birds website, "Fluctuating prey availability and weather conditions influence the whereabouts of this nomadic species during the breeding season as well as winter." Though speculative, this relatively rapid surge seems to have followed the last cold blast of arctic air that came through. Looking at the map below, it appears the east coast is experiencing the bulk of the northern visitors. Amazingly, one Snowy Owl was even spotted in Bermuda! Be on the lookout. You never know where these birds are going to show up!

Snowy Owl sightings 11/01/2013 to 12/02/2013

Link: eBird - Got Snowies?

Snowy Owl © 2013 Mike McDowell