Winter Waxwings!

A hundred or more Cedar Waxwings have taken up residence near a source of food that will likely last them the entire winter. The business park near where I live has dozens upon dozens of fruit bearing trees. The measure of their plaintive calls seemed to be associated with their level of activity. When huddled close together, only a few notes here and there could be heard. But whenever one or two went to feed, there would be a crescendo of high-pitched calls. Waxwings seldom seem to do things in one big rush unless they catch sight of a predator on the wing.  The pace is usually a couple birds at a time, leaving their communal perches to get to dense clusters of berries. It would take several minutes for the entire flock to complete the feeding run. Once the last few nourished birds returned to the perching tree, their voices relaxed once again. It was fun to watch and listen.

All images © 2013 Mike McDowell