Saturday, January 13, 2018

Plastcanis Feculentis

This is an interesting species I have been finding with increasing regularity the past few years at Pheasant Branch Conservancy: Blue-bagged Crap (Plastcanis Feculentis). This extremely cooperative specimen is nicely perched in the understory for a good photo-op. I've never seen such a deep hue in the blue morph of this species, but I've also found them along the creek corridor in black or green plumage. Nesting on the ground or in low tree branches, not much else is known about the breeding behavior of P. Feculentis. However, it's thought they have an ecological relationship with a subspecies of hominini called H. Sapiens Irresponsiblicus. Derived from its Latin name, Blue-bagged Crap is known to emit a foul odor when its dermis becomes damaged, so watch where you step when hiking on the conservancy's trail system.

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