Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Creek Corridor Gold!

Prothonotary Warbler

Just a quick update ...

We went from 2 or 3 warbler species per outing to a dozen or more overnight! Strong south winds rendered an odd mix of warblers running somewhat counter to what I consider a normal phenological ordering of arrivals. An April 30th Blackpoll Warbler? Today I saw my earliest-ever Bay-breasted Warbler. They're moving through quickly!

As I was driving to work after birding this morning, Ellen Hansen called me from the creek corridor to let me know she found a Prothonotary Warbler at the second bridge east of Park Street. I knew my birding crew had already walked past that spot, so I called Dottie to give her the heads-up. They all ran back to the middle bridge and got the bird! Fortunately, it was still there after work. It took a bit of searching, but my birding group was able to relocate the gorgeous Golden Swamp Warbler.

South winds!


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