Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Winner!

Though it wasn't my personal favorite digiscoped image of 2010, my Pope Farm Park Sedge Wren placed 8th in Swarovski's International Digiscoper of the Year 2010 contest. Still, there's something special about a Sedge Wren perched atop some flowers like this. How often do you see that? Plus, it was a 3-hour field effort on my part to get the image just the way I saw it in my imagination. The competition was very tough; there were many outstanding images and only 3 US digiscopers placed in this year's top 20 winners. Congratulations to all!

Link: Digiscoper of the Year 2010 Winners!

© 2011 Mike McDowell


  1. Congratulations, Mike. It is a special photograph.

  2. Congrats Mike..beautiful photo!

  3. Congratulations, Mike! You really captured the intrinsic wren-ness!

  4. Another great pic....saw a wren last Saturday wintering in the middle of a lowland Ash forest in Kewaunee Co..it could fly...didn't have binocs and was running the dog, so we just went the other way and let it be...put some suet crumbs on hollow in upturned root in was hanging around...tail looked too long for winter wren.

  5. What a beautiful image. Congrats!
    Lynda in Michigan.