Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Spring Field Trips!

Magnolia Warbler

Here's my 2017 Spring Field Trip and Open Birding schedule!

4-27 @ 6:30AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] ✓
5-6   @ 6:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] ✓
5-11 @ 6:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [NRF] * 
5-19 @ 6:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] 
6-11 @ 8:30AM Middleton Airport Grassland Birds [OB] 
6-17 @ 7:00AM Grassland Birds [FoPFC] 

FoPFC = Friends of Pope Farm Conservancy
NRF = Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
OB = Open Birding
* = Registration Required ($)

Link: What is “Open Birding”?

All Creek Corridor (CC) walks meet at “Parking for Creek Corridor”
Prairie Parcel (PP) walks meet at “Parking for Prairie Parcel”

See you in the field!

Magnolia Warbler © 2017 Mike McDowell


  1. Thanks for the link to the NRF - I have been meaning to join and will sign up tomorrow.