Friday, July 29, 2016

BNA: Free until September 1st!

Birds of North America has been upgraded and the new version will be free until September 1st! I've been a subscriber since 2005 and find it to be an invaluable resource of avian information. Each species account includes figures, maps, photographs, audio, video and more. An annual subscription runs around $40.00, but if you're an eBird user you can get a nice discount. There are promotional discount codes from other entities as well, such as NestWatch. Spend some time checking out the new website I'm sure you'll agree it's well worth the nominal subscription fee! recently launched a new website. The previous version had been around for a decade and was long overdue for an upgrade. We're still in the process of adding supplementary content, but all of us at Eagle Optics feel the new format has greater potential for expansion moving forward. There may be many places online to purchase birding optics, but wouldn't you prefer buying from actual birders? Our consultations and service are second to none!

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