Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fall Open Birding & Field Trips Dates!

Winter is coming...

I've decided to add a December field trip to look for Northern Shrikes at the prairie parcel. Beyond that, a typical December outing at Pheasant Branch Conservancy yields between 25 and 35 species depending how much territory is covered. Though southbound warblers begin to trickle into the creek corridor just after the first week of August, we're going to wait until things pickup toward the end of the month. By the end of September we'll focus on migratory sparrows at the prairie parcel. Let's hope for a Harris's!

08-28 @ 7:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] ✓
09-10 @ 7:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] ✓
09-16 @ 7:00AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] ✓
09-24 @ 7:30AM Fall Birding at Pope Farm Conservancy 
09-25 @ 7:30AM PBC (CC) Warblers! [OB] 
10-02 @ 7:15AM PBC (PP) Sparrows! [OB] 
10-23 @ 7:30AM PBC (PP) Sparrows! [OB] 
12-04 @ 8:00AM PBC (PP) Shrike Hunting! [OB] 

OB = Open Birding

Link: What is Open Birding?

All Creek Corridor (CC) walks meet at “Parking for Creek Corridor”
Prairie Parcel (PP) walks meet at “Parking for Prairie Parcel”

See: Google Map of Pheasant Branch Conservancy (PBC)

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